100 – Executive Briefing

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Modules Description:

Leadership engagement and support is essential for the successful implementation of Advanced Work Packaging. This course exposes Executives to Advanced Work Packaging & Workface Planning (WFP) Fundamentals. Using interactive exercises, Executives will understand the value proposition, implications to the organization and supply chain, AWP strategies and implementation, and their role and responsibilities that will drive the successful adoption of AWP into their organization

Target Audience:

Executives & senior managers responsible for the delivery of Capital Programs / Projects implementing AWP across a Project’s life cycle from concept to hand over to operations

100 – Executive Briefing

01. What is Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning?
10 Minutes
100 – Executive Briefing Quiz Lesson 1
3 questions
02. Where did AWP come from?
5 Minutes
100 – Executive Briefing Quiz Lesson 2
3 questions
100 – Executive Briefing Module Exam
12 questions

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Duration: 3 Hours
Lectures: 2
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