321 – Digital Twin Handover

Module Description:

The digital model and supporting date for the facility that has supported construction and commissioning is highly valuable to managing the facility once in operations. The early involvement of Operations in startup planning should also include the mapping of digital twin models and information into the facility management systems. This course will address typical systems/data mapping, the turnover process, the issues to consider when planning the turnover, and the resolution of issues that can occur in exporting/importing the information. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of how to utilize the Project digital twin and how to plan the turnover.

Target Audience:

Owner / EPCM / EPC / Contractor Personnel with responsibility for ensuring efficient and successful hand offs between construction, mechanical completions through final hand-off to operations.
– Project Management
– Construction Management
– Engineering (Home Office and Site)
– Information Management
– AWP / WFP Group Members
– Turnover / Startup / Commissioning
– Shutdown Turnaround Management

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