Our Story

(The Story of AWP-U)

AWP-U was founded in 2020 as a vendor neutral collaboration hub fully dedicated to Advanced Work Packaging education and training delivery.  AWP-U was launched by Robin & Amber Mikaelsson as a family run small business helping to serve some of the largest and best industrial companies in the capital projects industry.   As small business owners, Robin and Amber are also committed to ensuring the other small businesses and individual trade practitioners who want to be part of the productivity revolution in construction can gain valuable skills in AWP, at a highly affordable price.
AWP-U got its start as a development effort by Robin while he was working with Construct-X, as an AWP Principal Consultant.  Robin has dedicated his career in pursuit of his passion for AWP and has supported the evolution of the methodology for decades. He has worked as a volunteer with COAA since 2006 and with CII since 2009 to assist with the development of the AWP Best Practice. While working with dozens of companies over his career, he has assisted with AWP implementations on well over 100 projects.
On July 11, 2020 Robin was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took his life. The long road to recovery forced him, literally, to slow down and consider his life’s work, and provided a unique opportunity to define his ideal career journey.   When Robin was well enough to return to work, Construct-X and Jovian Ventures founder Dr. Ted Blackmon, a long-time family friend, posed this question:
“What do you really want to do?”
The answer to Ted’s question was simple. “I want to teach and train people to effectively implement and execute AWP”.   A critical conversation then ensued between Robin and Ted, whereby they decided that it would be in the industry’s best interest to create a vendor neutral collaboration hub for AWP training, open to all software vendors and consultancy firms offering AWP products and services, rather than leverage Construct-X’s extensive library in AWP training materials just for competitive advantage to Jovian Ventures software start-up entities.
Deciding the time was right, an Intellectual Property (IP) licensing deal with Construct-X was established to allow AWP-U to pull from extensive years of rich AWP training development history.  In that moment AWP-U was born, and in November of 2020 “The Center for Construction Training Excellence,” or CCTE, was incorporated in the province of Alberta.  Advanced Work Packaging was identified as the first curriculum push for the CCTE and the AWP-U branding emerged shortly thereafter.
Being vendor neutral is a big deal.  In the current state of the industry, both corporations and individual practitioners often need to enroll in training courses for AWP that are limited to one technology focus or another.  Invariably, the use of vendor toolsets will change project to project.  To achieve their vision Robin and Amber are proactively seeking involvement from other vendors and consultants, so corporations and practitioners do not need to get multiple trainings in AWP based upon one vendor or another.  Similarly, AWP-U is open to partnering with all consultancy organizations in AWP, in extending its materials and courses offered through the AWP-U platform, and helping accelerate the industry toward a complete adoption in AWP.
Amber brings years of experience to AWP-U in administration, on-site safety training, marketing, and development of Learning Management Systems (LMS).  She is passionate about connecting communities to ideas via technology and sees tremendous potential in creating an open platform where the industry consultants and vendors can participate to grow the practice of AWP in a consistent, high quality fashion.
Robin, Amber, Shiv Sharma, and a few minority shareholders, armed with decades of IP from Construct-X and 30 years of construction experience, have created second to none training materials, in an online environment built for people who want to be skilled practitioners of AWP.
We answer your question, what Is AWP to U?

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