Aaron Wertman is the Director of Innovation at Construct-X. His focus is on the creation of new tools, technology, and processes that enhance and enrich the Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning programs for clients including owners, EPCs, and contractors. Aaron specializes in 3D/4D modeling software, construction planning automation, and AWP / WFP training and coaching. He also is highly skilled in graphics and visual communication to breakdown complex processes into simple and comprehendible work and data flows.

Professional Background

  • Aaron jumped straight into implementing AWP and WFP on projects right out of school as one of the first members of Construct-X. He has developed extensive training content, procedural documents, and digital architectures for the successful implementation of scalable AWP Programs
  • Over the past 4 years, Aaron has helped to establish successful AWP programs at several large enterprises in the oil & gas, chemical, mining, and power industries, including Dow, Eastman Rio Tinto, and Southern Company
  • Aaron is the lead developer and pioneer of AWP and WFP Playbooks, including role-based playbooks, process-based playbooks, narrative process diagrams, and in-depth job aids & tutorials
  • Aaron has expertise in Workface Planning, Project Management, 3D Modeling Technologies, Digital Threads & Data Exchanges, AWP / WFP Training & Coaching, and software/product design

Key Expertise

  • Workface Planning
  • Project Management
  • 3D/4D Modeling Technologies
  • Digital Threads & Data Exchanges
  • AWP and WFP Training & Coaching
  • Software, Product, Architectural, Plant, and Sustainable Design
  • Content and Playbook Development

Education and Other Experience

  • Bachelor & Master of Architecture, Pennsylvania State University
  • Environmental Inquiry Minor Human Settlements and their Impact on the Environment, Pennsylvania State University
  • CII AWP CBA Member, Construction Industry Institute Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement
  • Founding Member of Construct-X, Apparatus X, Team Insight, and Jovian Venture Companies
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