Slide Welcome to AWP University What is AWP to me? This industry-leading role-based training allows students to take their knowledge to the next level by means of targeting specific roles within the AWP implementation. Our modularized program is the most advanced of its kind, with over 60 modules grouped into learning paths specific to the students’ learning needs. These learning paths are aimed at giving the student detailed training information on what and how AWP is to be applied in the student’s professional role. If you are planning for career advancement, the AWP University program is designed to give you tools for identifying a learning path for career success. Our goal at the AWP University is to be a Rosetta stone for all things AWP, driving success in you and/or your employees’ career advancement and directed learning. The AWP University is here to support your personal or corporate AWP Training requirements. The AWP-U is the first and only training provider for AWP that actually answers the question: The AWP University provides a direct-to-consumer model to allow anyone to gain the knowledge and skills to be successful in AWP. If you’re a student who would like to learn more, please
click here:
AWP University also provides second to none corporate engagement learning programs. Our course materials are based on our founding members experiences over that last 20 years of AWP implementations. For more information on corporate programs, please click here: Click Here While the role-based training is the flagship of the AWP University, our AWP Awareness Training is the benchmark AWP foundation builder for the industry. During 16hrs of instruction the student will gain a second to none understanding of AWP methodologies. The AWP Awareness Training course provides a key starting point for AWP Learning. Click Here


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